Security Solutions Consultation and TrainingExpert advisors are willing and ready to assist you with corporate solutions, risk assessments and risk mitigation to enhance the security of your interests. Our certified instructors deliver contemporary material on the latest security threats and trends from a potential national threat to those immediate to business-related incidents.

Covid-19 Response Technology - Fully functional Artificial Intelligence controlling Covid-19 protocols; including contact tracing, mask detection technology; physical distancing detection capabilities; Occupancy counting technology; Thermal Camera Technology; Contact tracing with access control options.

Firearm training and Competence - Maintain your tactical advantage and enhance your existing skills - certified by the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA). 

First World TechnologyAccess to the latest technology in the field including Gun Shot detection technology to protect your assets and assist in reducing response time and investigations.

Artificial Intelligence and Video Analytics – Innovation in the field gives our clients access to first-class technology in real-time. We offer power features such as Focus of Attention, Unusual Activity Detection, Facial Recognition Technology with Next Generation Video Analytics. 

Drone Technology For your aerial surveillance needs including low lighting covert patrols of your property for intrusion detection and to monitor infrastructure and assets.

Private Investigation - Our certified Private Investigators will be ready and available to identify, examine and present the facts to support your civil cases, or other personal and confidential matters. 

Uniform Security ServicesAn overt deployment that deters and discourages trespassing, vandalism and theft

Specialized Security Services & Executive ProtectionElite and specially trained security officers who are certified in the field of diplomatic protection, convoy security, risk mitigation, defensive driving, marksmanship and firearms competences.

Short-term SecurityServices aimed at events protection such as parties, conferences, location protection or site staffing for asset protection for several days.

Industrial Security OperationsThe prevention of pilferage and the protection of multimillion-dollar assets, maintaining the integrity of sites and deterring vandalism and trespassing.

Hospitality Security Operations Staff and guest protection remain a core part of our guard force deployment. We ensure that our client’s property boasts a level of safety that engenders guest retention while maintaining a fair balance of asset protection, staff accountability and policy enforcement.

CanineSpecially trained dogs support the operations by being part of patrol and static teams for added efficiency and protection. Assisting in positive narcotics screening and intruder detection.

Mobile Patrol Rapid response to distress calls or overt and effective patrolling to deter any threat forces or discourage inimical actions, or to provide mutual support for security detail.

Access ControlsThe use of advanced technology - Biometrics, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi connection for smart locks to monitor access to your property or offices more seamlessly and puts our clients in full control including auditing for investigation purposes.

Electronic Safes, Electronic Lockers and Mobility Equipment - Our first-world executive equipment are tailored to accommodate your needs, budget and preferences.