How Safe Are We?

Safety is a concept some may say, while others will argue that it is a priority. However, our safety, however it is defined, is a personal construct that depends on myriads of factors. The common themes are one's idea, trust in systems or people, and the levels of fear we encourage daily.

For the last 5 years, our generation has seen a boom in the openness of society and a bunch of misplaced trust across the globe. We grew up learning that friends should be few and caution is not to be thrown to the wind. Today friends hardly share a clink of glass anymore; the total definition of friendship has changed. I will soon address the misplaced trust! Back to the friendship; everyone wants to be accepted these days and that opens a whole can or vulnerabilities. A friend is now defined as a follower, or someone who digitally stalks you, comment at will, swipes left or right, like a photo or more basically, anyone who can set up an email address. We have become dependent on likes, without assessing the idea of who is on the other end.

It usually took weeks of courting to get a phone number for someone you like, that still may be the case today; but it takes a moment to get a handle or name, where all those private moments become accessible; and worse the immediate post of locations and fun times.

We have now become as safe as we think we are, and as private as our followers allow us to be.

The epoch of travel and exploration has never been more attractive than now (Pre COVID-19). What this did was connect strangers in a most sophisticated way. If I wish to travel, I can pick up my mobile device, see a room/ apartment that I would like to stay and voila; I am occupying a total stranger's apartment; with all the luxuries therein. I think this is great but have we actually examined the flip side - A stranger emails you and you leave your entire house to their mercy, without actually knowing what a day in their life is. Oh, this is one example of misplaced trust.

We are only as safe as total strangers allow us to be!

Fear often keeps us safe, but it often makes us utterly vulnerable. Fear is not real, it is really just a feeling; a feeling of mistrust or doubt. Many persons doubt efficient systems, such as online banking and other tech advancements. For this cause, they may hoard cash, avoid banks, join long lines to withdraw money, or simply use cash for every transaction. I stood in line and watched a person withdraw a whole lot of cash, went outside, and casually went about their business. It is their money of course, but it also paints a lucrative opportunity; does it not?

The absence of fear or should I say the lack of due consideration is also a prime factor that affects our safety. How often do we see persons tapping their digits away, heads down while crossing the streets; and then a focused driver whose eyes are fixed on the wrong screen (phone screen); unaware of everything that is happening through the windscreen. Too often we put our selves and others at risk because we probably haven't exercised due care to think how safe we actually are?

We are only as safe as our fears allow us to be, and as much as our cares enable us.

How safe are you?

Stay safe, be responsible. #safety

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